Cake and Milk

life is very strange.

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I’m channeling all my bad body thoughts (GO AWAY!) into looking cute and trying to love the way my butt looks in this too-small bodysuit and how the spring sun comes through my windows to warm me up.

(This is not your porn, so don’t treat it that way PLEASE AND THANKS.)

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I got to pet some baby horses yesterday!!
It was really calming and such a nice start to spring.

Details: scarf from åhlèns, denim shirt thrifted, stripey dress from h and m (size xl), shoes from h and m.

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I wanted this dress for SO LONG and when I finally bought it right before Christmas, the sales lady asked if it was a gift and I told her not really (so she wouldn’t wrap it). She just smiled and said, “Ah, it’s a gift for yourself! The BEST kind of gift.”

Some people just get it, ya know?

Details: dress from lindex (xxl), headscarf thrifted, tights and shoes from h and m.

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A Short Play About Wearing Knee Socks:

Me: Yeah, yeah! I’m gonna wear knee socks today!

(Walks literally two steps.)

Me: These are now halfway down my shins, fuck it, I’m switching back to tights.

(End scene.)

Details: blouse thrifted, sheer crop top from h and m, skirt from lindex, knee socks from target, shoes from h and m.

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